This week’s News of Note from the Silicon Valley – Nov 7, 2014

News – Pac-Man is back

The Internet Archive launched a site where you can access 900 classic video arcade games from the 1970s through the 1990s—for free! No further explanation needed. I gotta go. Pac-Man is hungry for some ghosts…

Newest – Credit card-sized backup phone

We’ve all been there: The battery in your smartphone runs out exactly at the worst moment. But Talkase, which has raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, promises a credit card-sized backup phone that can be your lifeline in a pinch. It can sync via Bluetooth or you can swap in your SIM card and use it to text or as a voice recorder. Phew!

Next – Talk to me (and buy me), says Amazon’s new Echo

Yesterday, Amazon made a surprise announcement of a new device called Echo. It works sort of like SIRI, is adaptive, can take notes, play music, give you a weather report, and even wake you up in the morning. While definitely a small milestone on the path toward the Internet of Things, Techcrunch and others are skeptical. “… Amazon is not in the business of telling you whether or not it will rain tomorrow. [It] is in the business of selling you things — and that is why Echo exists.”