Recent news brings the announcement that Artanim‘s technology will be used in Dreamscape Immersive, a new Los Angeles-and-Geneva-based venture bringing VR to storefronts and malls, launching this fall in Los Angeles: a big deal for a Swiss start-up. The initiative has quite the solid backing: Warner Bros., 21st Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), IMAX, Westfield Corp., and director Steven Spielberg.

Artanim’s “Real Virtuality” is a very cool immersive experience, combining real-world locations that are transformed through the VR tech, perhaps the closest thing we’ve seen to the fictitious “Holodeck” of the Star Trek universe. Read our interview with Artanim’s Research Director, Caecilia Charbonnier, and Technology Director, Sylvain Chagué, then see the tech in action in the video below. 

What do you do? 

Caecilia and I will share the role of chief technology officer (CTO) of Dreamscape Immersive. We will bring our technological expertise to the mix to make sure that our installations will work flawlessly (Swiss quality!) and that the company’s technology stays ahead of the competition.

Q: How did you meet the Dreamscape team? 

We met Kevin Wall for the first time during Sundance 2016, where we were participating to the New Frontier exhibition with the support of swissnex San Francisco and Pro Helvetia. We met Shari Frilot, the curator of [the Sundance Festival’s] New Frontier during our showcase at swissnex San Francisco in August 2015, where she advised us to submit our project to the festival.

Why do you do it? 

Our philosophy at Artanim has always been to carry out research not for the sole purpose of publishing scientific articles, but with the objective that it will end up being something useful and interesting. Having the opportunity to turn this research project into a real application for the public to enjoy is quite exciting. There are also many new, interesting challenges that arise when turning a prototype into a final product.

What’s NEXT?

This is an accomplishment and great recognition of the know-how and expertise of Artanim. This shows that Switzerland is innovative and competitive in this field. For our team, this is an amazing source of motivation to push this technology further.