nextPERSON is our new segment where we tap the minds of the brilliant people we connect with. Each person is asked the same three questions: What do you do? Why do you do it? What is NEXT?. It is a “coffee-break” read and a chance to get to know the nextPERSON accelerating change in the world. Enjoy!

Meet our nextPERSON: Gabriella Hummel, Co-Founder and Author of One Day Portray. We met Gabriella through our Swiss network and were inspired by her long-form journalistic approach to portraying people around the world in their daily life.

What do you do?

In 2015 my partner Laura Brüllmann and I founded One Day Portray, which is an online magazine that focuses on portraits. Our writers, producers and photographers only have one simple guideline to follow:  To spend an entire day with their protagonist. That is, not just meet them for a quick chat over a cup of coffee but rather spend an entire day with them. Everything else (style, length content) is up to them. All our portraits are published both in English and in German. The people portrayed are from all over the world – that’s why we want people from all over the world to be able to read our portraits. There’s no pattern when it comes to choosing the stars of our portraits – we come across them by chance.

Why do you do it?

My partner and I met at university, where we both got a degree in journalism. When we started working we quickly realized that the way journalism is done these days is quite different than we had imagined. We wanted to go back to the roots and do journalism that takes time and focuses on the stories and the people everyone is surrounded by. One Day Portray is: People-friendly journalism that takes its time. It’s also a great excuse to spend a day with people I always wanted to spend time with but would have never dared to ask!

What is NEXT?

We’re currently looking for different possibilities to monetize One Day Portray because we believe that good work needs to be paid properly. On the other hand we don’t want to fill our site with ads. It’s an ongoing process and we’re happy to be able to experiment, develop and help shape the future of journalism by going back to its roots.

And we’re doing all of this this from the road: I’m leaving for a Pan-American road trip and Laura is going to do her Master’s degree in Brussels.


Featured image: Saskia Widmer