Our top picks for what is newsworthy, disruptive, and just plain cool in Tech and the Silicon Valley this week.

Microsoft goes AR

Microsoft unveiled its new operating software, Windows 10, with some totally unexpected surprises. Chief among them is the new HoloLens augmented reality headset and corresponding holographic software to power all of its cool features. The headset has transparent lenses, so you can see the “real” world while a digital image places virtual objects in your surroundings. Windows 10 also comes with a new browser called Spartan, built from the ground up. Is the demise of the Internet Explorer near?

Holo goggles on Mars

Think the HoloLens sounds cool? NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will use these goggles and its software to lead scientist work on Mars—from a distance. With the headset on, scientists can walk on the surface of the red planet or control a Mars rover as if they were sitting in it. It’s not only about inspecting the landscape but communicating with other scientists from around the world through the virtual meeting place, making notes and creating POI that other teams can explore and comment on. This might be a groundbreaking technological leap on the path toward sending humans to Mars.

#Goliath vs. @Goliath

Last December Instagram overtook Twitter in the number of monthly users. Already two years ago, Instagram disabled the display of their images on Twitter to discourage the sharing of Instagram posts on Twitter. Now Twitter is striking back with a note to its high profile users (celebrities in media, sports and entertainment): Don’t share your Instagram posts on Twitter if you want your fans to see the images in your posts!