This week’s news from the Silicon Valley.

News – Amazon sets up shop

The Wall Street Journal reports that online retailer Amazon will open its first physical store—just in time for holiday shopping. Apparently slated for business on 34th Street in Manhattan, right across from the Empire State Building, the location would be a brand-builder and “mini-warehouse” to aid same-day deliveries rather than a traditional shopping destination.

Newest – The beginning of the Endgame

This week saw the launch of Endgame, a transmedia story world about the apocalypse by author James Frey that unfolds through novels, novellas, dozens of social media accounts, a mobile game, an alternate reality game from Google’s Niantic Labs, movies from Fox, and a puzzle that, for the first person who solves it, offers a real-life prize of $500,000 in gold coins.

Next – A wearable drone

You have your GoPro, you’re a master of the selfie. You might even have a personal drone. But do you have a wearable drone that you can deploy with the flick of your wrist for the ultimate aerial selfie, only to have your little buddy fly back to your wrist when its done? That’s the promise of Nixie.