This week’s news from the Silicon Valley.

News – PayPal splits from ebay

eBay and PayPal announced that they will part ways, with PayPal forming its own publicly traded company by late 2015. The move signals the importance of PayPal in the growing market of in-person mobile payments in addition to online purchases.

Newest – Do graduates’ jobs reflect a university’s value?

LinkedIn announced new tools to help incoming college students figure out where to apply and what to study. Its University Outcome Rankings are based on the career success of graduates (how many ended up in desirable jobs in their desired field) and represents the company’s big push into Big Data.

Next – Tweeting in the name of science

Twitter is making a $10 Million investment in the MIT Media Lab and giving all of its public tweets—everything—over to the new Laboratory for Social Machines, where data scientists will analyze the trove of social gold to understand how information spreads on social media and how it can be used.