This week’s news from the Silicon Valley.

News – Fight against Ebola

Silicon Valley steps in to help fight Ebola. Legendary computer scientist and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen donates $ 100 Million for research, training, and new facilities to tackle the disease.

In addition, scientists at UC Berkeley and elsewhere are brainstorming ways to employ robots to help contain the Ebola epidemic.

Newest – Pseudonymus App from Facebook

A few weeks ago, Facebook was in hot water for taking down the profiles of drag queens who had used pseudonyms on the site, only to restore them when the pushback gained traction (and Ello gained users).

Now, the social giant has announced a new App called Rooms that is their first product that allows you to ditch your real name at the door. No Facebook account or email address required. Just scan a QR-code to gain entry.

Next – Google’s new mail buddy

Google released a new app called Inbox that sorts your mail for you the same way a personal assistant might—important, work-related, read when you get home. With a feature called Highlights, the app can dive into your mail and drag the important information to the top. And you can snooze actions and emails until you reach a certain destination at a certain time. For now it’s invitation only but definitely worth a try if you can.