This week’s news from the Silicon Valley.

News – Google Glass addiction

A US Navy serviceman became the first person diagnosed with a Google Glass addiction this week, after a prolonged period wearing the device 18 hours a day. After checking into the Navy’s 35-day Substance Abuse and Recovery Program for alcoholism and treatment, the patient seems to doing better.

Newest – Eggs and Apples

It’s well known here in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley that tech companies offer big perks to keep employees happy and working. But Facebook and Apple just announced that they are now offering to freeze the eggs of female employees. Just wow.

Next – Drop a brick in your toilet

The 2012-2014 North American drought is on track to become the costliest natural disaster in US history. And flushing toilets waste millions of gallons of water every day. But this eco friendly rubber brick, while it doesn’t solve the drought problem, can save 50 gallons of water per week (without harming your tank). Every drop counts!