This week’s news from the Silicon Valley.

News – Unlimited Vacation for Virgin Employees

Unlimited vacation days whenever you want them sounds like heaven? Maybe not. Spurred by Netflix’s generous employee benefits, Virgin’s Richard Branson announced that he’d give his staff unlimited vacation. But some question whether employees will actually end up working more.

Newest – What’s up with Ello?

Ello, the new add-free social network established in March this year, is blowing up right now, but is still in BETA version and invite only. What makes it so popular, and will it be the downfall of Facebook?

Next – Shipping made easy

There is a new app in town: With Shyp you can send anything you want anywhere in the world. Just take a picture of the item, enter the destination and within 20 minutes someone picks it up and your stuff is on its way, using the lowest cost, most reliable option.