nextPERSON is our new segment where we tap the minds of the brilliant people we connect with. Each person is asked the same three questions: What do you do? Why do you do it? What is NEXT? It is a “coffee-break” read and a chance to get to know the nextPERSON accelerating change in the world. Enjoy!

Meet our first nextPERSON: Tim Sae Koo, CEO of TINT. We met Tim during the Digital Campus Study Tour 2015 organized by swissnex San Francisco where we provided Swiss visitors with exclusive insight into the startup life in San Francisco and what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley.

What do you do?

TINT is a content marketing platform that allows brands to source authentic community content from social media, news outlets, review sites, etc. and display it dynamically onto any digital asset (websites, TV screens, apps, DOOH billboards, ad units, etc.) to drive conversions. Over 45,000 brands in 170 countries use and love us.

I founded the company back in 2013 as Co-founder and CEO. In the beginning stages of the business, I handled anything non-development related, including sales, marketing, business development, customer research, customer service, account management, product roadmap, and even janitorial services.

Now I focus on 3 main things: setting the vision and empowering the team to achieve that, recruit and retain best talent in our team, and ensure there is enough fuel in our company to keep running. Quite broad, but it encompasses the most important parts where I can make the most impact.

Why do you do it?

Very simple, I get to keep learning more than I knew yesterday, do it with a smart community, and have fun while traversing this journey. If I can inspire someone to achieve their potential, innovate on business culture practices, or make someone’s’ life just a little easier, I am fulfilled for that day.

Beyond that, our company operates in the content marketing industry, and while it may be crowded, there are still big problems to solve that require creativity and innovation. We believe we have a product, team, relationships, and forward thinking to present a solution that will solve some of the big challenges in this industry.

What is NEXT?

Markets are always changing and evolving, so it requires evolution. We recently underwent a product repositioning that will address the evolving needs in the content marketing industry. What is next is to test our assumptions, evolve our product to serve client needs, and find creative solutions to scale our technology company, which has seen competitors traditionally focus on custom services.

As CEO, I see my next challenge in scaling a company that preserves our unique culture while attending to the growing demand of our product. It gets very difficult to preserve an intimate culture with a certain amount of team members while the market is demanding more from your company and requires more resources. I look forward to finding a way to balance these dichotomies and staying true to the type of company we set out to be.