Recruiting top talent is a tough business in the Silicon Valley. From giant tech companies like Google and Facebook to up-and-coming startups, the battle is on to hire only the crème de la crème who can make a difference on their teams.

Perks like free food, in-house gyms, and concierge services used to be enough to entice the best employees on the market. Well, things have changed. And as competition gets stronger, companies are offering out-of-the-box (dare we say, over-the-top?) benefits.

Did you know about these three?

Unlimited Vacation, as in up to 365 days a year

No kidding! In theory, if you can do your job in eight months and want to take the rest of the year off, go for it, is the philosophy. In practice, it might be a little more complicated than that. It sounds novel for the majority of us, but unlimited days off have become so common in Silicon Valley that some people don’t consider them a perk anymore. To site just a few offering this benefit: Netflix, Evernote, Best Buy, Zinga, Hotel Tonight, and recently Virgin.

Be well, have fun

From nap pods at Google, to Zumba classes at Fitbit, to helicopter rides with the Dropcam CEO, it’s all about feeling good and having fun. Zen rooms for yoga practice, free massages, and entire game arcades are becoming standard for the cool kids in the industry. It’s not only about attracting the best profiles but also keeping them. No boss wants to see the best software engineer poached by a competitor. Keeping the team smiling and relaxed probably helps.

1-2-3, Freeze!

Silicon Valley is notoriously male-dominated and attracting female employees seems to take some seriously disruptive thinking. Facebook recently began covering egg freezing for its female staff, and Apple will start doing the same early next year. Both tech giants pay up to $20,000 dollars for the procedure, hoping that women will build careers without the pressure of the ticking biological clock. But what might be a blessing for some can be an ethical dilemma for others. What do you think?