If you think of Twitter merely as a channel to communicate news and updates, think again! With its vast possibilities for abbreviated prose, links, images, and videos, Twitter is becoming a rich new medium for literature.

Authors are increasingly taking to Twitter to tinker with language and experiment with prose for the micro medium. And audiences are more engaged than ever, given the ability on Twitter to comment, retweet, quote, favorite, riff, respond, and even be part of the creative process.

From poetry to web comics to short stories, avid readers (perhaps pressed for time) can find narratives built into a single 140-character tweet, or follow along as a thread of tweets maneuvers through cleverly built plots.

This so-called twit-lit, or Twitterature, is even celebrated in a TwitterFiction Festival. There’s also a festival for microfilms made with the 6-second video platform Vine, shared through Twitter. To dive into this trend, check out the examples below. Happy reading!

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