One question I get asked more than anything else about my job is what I actually do moment to moment. And, honestly, it’s crazy how many tools and apps I use in a given day. But in all I do, I strive to make each move insightful, fun, and social. Just like me (or so I hope)! Here’s a look behind the curtain at a day in the life of a Junior Comms Manager at swissnex San Francisco.


The alarm starts ringing and it’s time to get up. Good morning world! We all know how hard it can be to get out of bed, so before I actually rise I do my little morning ritual: Scroll through my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds (on my phone) checking on what I missed while asleep.

Eventually it’s really time to get up. I try my best to get a good night’s sleep and if that doesn’t work out, a large cup of coffee does the job. Today is going to be busy so I shower, get dressed and off I go.


My commute takes about 30 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a complete waste of time, though. I log into my Twitter account and retweet some stuff. When I’ve made my way with MUNI and get to the office, the first thing I do is check my Google calendar and today’s to-do list. Then it’s on to email. The bane of everyone’s existence, right?

Even prioritizing, this is a two-hour ordeal. But messages pop up every once in a while on my Slack channels. Megan or Julia asking me to update something on the website, fix a link, send some stats. So every now and again I switch over to the website do something—this is multitasking!



Since we’re in Silicon Valley and new trends appear all the time, we have to keep our eyes and ears open for news that could impact us or Switzerland. I use Twitter to stay up-to-date, following “influencers” and news outlets talking about the subjects we care about: communication tools, technology in general, startups, scientific breakthroughs, etc.

Whilst on Twitter, I also check mentions for @swissnexSF and reply, retweet, and favorite so that these interactions don’t go unnoticed. No missed opportunities.

We use Hootsuite to maintain an overview of what’s happening on all of our social media channels at once, and to coordinate amongst the communciations team members. If you’re managing Social Media and not using Hootsuite yet, you should. It makes life so much easier by letting you schedule tweets, request approval from superiors, and track social media conversations and responses. (And you can pull stats here, too, to analyze how successful your efforts have been)

We have our weekly communications team meeting today, but before that I quickly check the agenda in Google Docs and edit it to add my comments and ideas.


Time for the meeting. After sharing our individual to-do lists and activities, we discuss whether the homepage needs a refresh. Are there events planned that need some Social Media love? Do we have a cool startup visiting swissnex San Francisco we should interview? We assign ourselves event-related tasks in Podio to make sure we don’t forget anything crucial.


Now the real fun starts! First thing I do when I get back to my desk is post a photo on Instagram followed by status updates on Twitter and Facebook. I also make sure to schedule some tweets spread out over the next few weeks to promote events and news from swissnex San Francisco (thanks again, Hootsuite!).

Another thing on my agenda is defining who is going to be our next “Instagramer of the week,” an initiative I started to give our audience a behind-the-scenes look at who and what swissnex San Francisco is made of. We do this by handing over the @swissnexsf Instagram account one week out of the month to another team member. It’s tough to give up control but we see real gains in followers and interactions as audiences are exposed to a new voice from the swissnex team.





I mentioned we use Slack, the real-time messaging tool, to chat. It’s also an easy platform to exchange links or files without cluttering the inbox. But it’s super helpful to ask around about who else is ready to have lunch. Over our meal, we socialize with our colleagues outside the Communications team and share discussions about random life topics. Of course, we also grab the chance to discuss how to cross-promote events, ideas and happenings within swissnex San Francisco.

Oh, and I remember to take a pic of my amazing sandwich and post it to Instagram on my personal account.


I should get started with my news story on one of the startups currently in residence at swissnex San Francisco. Since I have so much information including my personal notes, interview questions, video and photo material, I need a tool to organize myself.

Evernote is the answer today. We use this tool to organize our digital world—you can stick everything in there from images to articles to notes to more. And the content is sharable and searchable. When I finish writing the news story I publish it on our website and share it on our Social Media channels.


Speaking of Social Media: We review our stats once a week, and now I dive into the metrics, gathering them up and analyzing the results. I pull Twitter stats from Hootsuite Analytics because of its ease of use and also because it offers a variety of analytics tools to help track our reach, conversations and more. I look to Facebook Insights for that channel; Iconsquare gives me what I want to know about Instagram. By measuring our performance on a regular basis we can set and amend goals, and change our content around to achieve better results.




Last hour at work! I recheck my agenda to make sure all my to-dos have been ticked, and I prepare for the next day. Before I leave work I schedule tweets in Hootsuite to go out overnight, targeting mainly our followers in other countries like Switzerland. I share some more love on Social Media, which means I like, favorite, and retweet. Then I pack my things and head home. I’m running late to meet friends for dinner, so I check the traffic in Waze, then request a ride in Uber or Lyft to take me across town fast.

See you tomorrow, world. Unless I see you first when I like your post on Instagram tonight before I close my eyes.